About Us

“One sign up, multiple access”

Anydegre.com is India's most popular AI-powered Talents and education Marketplace (Search Engine).

A one-stop market for all of your career and educational needs.

Working professionals, freelancers, tutors, freshers, academy centers, and universities/colleges are all part of our purpose.

We assist colleges and academic partners in generating millions of leads from responding registered profiles.

From toddlers to working professionals, academy partners, tutors, and universities can help them complete their virtual higher education, industry-relevant certificate programs, or subject-specific learning's.

How Anydegre.com started

“Skill and Employability is the key of every nation growth”

Girishan (Girimurthy Shanmugam), our Founder & CEO, has over 12 years of expertise in Human Resources and Marketing.

Assisted over 100+ employers in locating entry-level employees and increasing productivity on their own.

He had an idea while attending a Startup virtual conference in December 2021.As a non-techie, he has no idea how to convert his vision into a reality.

Our founder addressed a number of techies from around the world until he identified professionals from India and Germany, at which point we began to design architecture and build an AI-powered talent and ed tech marketplace.

The origins of the name Anydegre.com

One of the core values of our founder Girishan is to create and share the opportunity. He first intended to launch a Job portal for recent college grads.

When it comes to hiring, most recruiters use the phrase "Anydegree Graduates can apply" in their job descriptions.

“Anydegree” meant to be applicable any graduates. Unfortunately, we didn’t get the domain, so we made all possible name called “Anydegre.com”.

Yeah! You are correct in noticing that "E" is missing from "Anydegre.com." It sounds fantastic!.

How did we get such a cute logo?

Only founders know the feelings of creating such a branch logo. He is very much interested in creating brand logo. Over the period he explored many logos for startups.

Our founder tried more than 10+ logo but he is unhappy with it.

Finally, he had an idea to incorporate a bird into his brand name.

He tried a few different birds before settling on "OWL."

Why OWL? Before choosing Owl, what made us to choose?

“Lord Lakshmi” - Goddess of wealth and good fortune

Lakshmi is represented in Hindu mythology as the Goddess who bestows wealth to humans.

Owl becomes Lakshmi's vahana (Vehicle/Transport) when she blesses with wealth and prosperity.

The owl is not only the Vahana (vehicle/transport) of Goddess Lakshmi, but also the bird of wisdom.

The reason to choose OWL, we will help your personal growth and wealth by finding you the career and learning.

Who is the mind behind Anydegre.com?

We are bootstrapped. It means we never tried funds from outside from external investors.

Anydegree.com is a profitable and privately held company.

How we Incubated in AIC Anna University

“Working Together is the key to success” this quote is suitable for all kind of businesses.

Our founder was looking for an ideal spot to incubate Anydegre.com because it is a talent and Edtech marketplace.

He is continually looking for institutions to incubate Anydegre.com.

If we think of a university, the first thing that springs to mind is "Anna University."

Our founder entered AIC – Anna University, Guindy, Chennai, with a flowless idea to meet Ms. Uma (AIC – Anna University's CEO) and Mr. Nirmal Kumar (Manager).

After reviewing our founder proposal, they agreed to Incubate Anydegre.com and receiving agreement from Dr. Velraj Ramalingam, Vice Chancellor of Anna University, Guindy, Chennai with our founder & CEO Mr. Girishan.